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Red squirrel feeder

Supplementary feeding of red squirrels is becoming essential to their survival and should only be made using this feeder if there are no grey's present.

This red squirrel feeder discourages red squirrels from raiding your bird tables and bird feeders.
by providing them with their own dedicated red squirrel feeder. The wooden red squirrel feeder offers the red's easy access to food.
All the red squirrel has to do is lift the lid and take food as required. Give them
chance to work and fathom out how to use it by leaving the lid open slightly and placing a few nuts on the ledge!  This red squirrel feeder is made from 12mm exterior grade plywood with a polycarbonate viewing panel.

grey squirrel feeder

The red squirrel feeder comes with a mix of a maize, sunflower seeds, peanuts and wheat to get you started.

Product: Red squirrel feeder with food £17.99 (£28.13 inc vat & delivery)
Product Code: sqfeederred
Quantity: 1limited stock 1

Additional foods to use for red squirrels are walnuts,almonds, hazelnuts and apples. Carrots and boiled bones as a source of calcium. 


  Maintaining your bird box
  • Bird boxes should be cleaned out in the autumn
  • Clean your Bird box out and use boiling water to disinfect it.
  • Once erected your Bird box might not be used in the first year.......don't worry !
  • Leaving your Bird box up in winter may provide a useful home in bad weather
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